August 16, 2019

Affiliate Marketing Strategies for 2019

As the digital landscape changes, affiliate marketing strategies also need to adapt to keep up with the pace. Search engine optimization, email marketing, and the classic product review format are no longer enough to drive meaningful commissions. Successful affiliate marketing now requires publishers to create content that stands out, build trust with their audience, and be selective in the products or services that they’re promoting.

In this article, we share the most effective affiliate marketing strategies for 2019 that’ll help you drive traffic to merchants and increase your passive income.


Focus on One Niche

A common mistake that publishers make is to spread themselves too thinly by starting lots of websites. They join as many different affiliate programs as they can in the hope of maximizing their earning potential. But they often fail to promote a product effectively because they’re trying to do too much at once. It’s almost impossible to launch multiple affiliate sites successfully when you consider all of the content marketing and social media efforts needed to support each one. So, start off by focusing on just one niche and resisting any distractions along the way. Once you’re well-established in one area you can then begin to expand into others.


Build a Brand

Most affiliate sites aren’t concerned with building a brand. They want to generate masses of traffic and drive it on to merchants as quickly as possible. But Google is increasingly showing preference towards branded websites so it’s worth putting in the effort to build one. This can benefit your search rankings and ensure that search engines remain a generous traffic source. It also helps to build trust with your audience by demonstrating that your site is a legitimate operation. Having this credibility means that people are more likely to trust your recommendations and click your affiliate links, dramatically increasing conversions.


Create Outstanding Content

Product comparisons and reviews are bread and butter affiliate marketing strategies. But as more people move into the industry, it’s becoming increasingly competitive. Earning a commission now requires outstanding content that provides real value to the audience. Investing more time in high-quality content will help your site to rank higher in Google, get more shares via social media, and reach a wider audience than it otherwise would. Videos, infographics, and quizzes can all set your content apart from the competition and help you promote affiliate products.  


Position Yourself as An Authority

One way to establish trust with an audience is to position yourself as an authority. When people perceive you as an expert in your niche, they’re much more likely to follow your recommendations. You can do this by creating whitepapers, predicting trends, writing ebooks, and generally becoming the ‘go-to’ person for your topic. This also puts you in an enviable position when it comes to planning your affiliate marketing strategies for the year ahead. When you’re an expert in your area, it’s much easier to identify where opportunities lie and how you can tap into them with your affiliate site.


Diversify Your Traffic

A successful affiliate business needs to be built on a strong foundation. Relying on a single traffic source puts your site in a precarious position. If you’re hit with a Google penalty or your social media page gets shut down, your traffic will plummet overnight. But if you’ve diversified your sources then your foundation is much stronger. If one traffic source dips then you’ll still have others to rely on. It’s also one of the reasons that it’s so important to collect email addresses via a landing page. This ensures that you can still communicate with your audience even if other channels get shut down.


Think Strategically

As you consider different marketing strategies, it’s also important to think like a CEO. Be proactive instead of reactive so that everything you’re doing aligns with your business goals. Most publishers join an affiliate marketing program based on its commission and look for those at the higher paying end. This is a sound approach as it maximizes the revenue per referral and makes for an efficient model. But it’s also important to think long-term which is where recurring commissions can be beneficial. These tend to pay a smaller amount up-front but do it repeatedly over several months. By combining high commissions with recurring ones, you can generate solid long-term revenue with more passive income.   

By incorporating these affiliate marketing strategies into your plans, you can boost your referral revenue and stay ahead of the changing times. Concentrating on one niche and building a brand allows you to stay focused and develop trust with your audience. Creating outstanding content and positioning yourself as an authority will help you to rank higher in Google and become the ‘go-to’ person in your niche. Diversifying your traffic and thinking strategically will ensure that you get the best return from your efforts and maximize your affiliate income.



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