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April 12, 2022

Affiliate Management Companies Drive Your Sales

Is profiting from affiliate marketing easy? Yes and no:

  • YesIf you connect with leading networks through a top affiliate marketing company, it’s easy to see significant returns. Your affiliate relationships will be carefully selected to suit your business. Your data-driven strategy will be managed by experts.
  • No  Struggling through low-quality networks with a loose management strategy is an easy way to waste your advertising budget.

There’s a right and a wrong way to do things. Read on and discover the benefits of working with leading affiliate marketing companies like Advertise Purple.

What Does an Affiliate Management Company Do?

An affiliate marketing company specializes in connecting businesses with affiliate partners. If it’s done right, this creates a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties. The principles of this business model are:

  1. By connecting with high-traffic sites, businesses with something to sell gain greater exposure.
  2. Affiliate marketing companies with a massive range of network partners can charge low rates to connect businesses with advertisers.
  3. Large affiliate networks earn money from the business they bring to their members.
  4. Affiliate sites earn a commission when customers click through to purchase their sites.

All this makes it easier for consumers to find great products without having to search around. Advertise Purple saw the need for high-quality affiliate marketing companies early. This is why it’s a global leader in this area and has yielded $2.8 billion in affiliate revenue for its clients over the past decade.

Here’s how affiliate marketing companies help their clients increase profits.

Identify Key Areas for Improvement

The first step is to arrange a full discussion. This helps the affiliate management team at Advertise Purple understand:

  • Your business model and goals
  • Your current advertising strategy
  • Which verticals you work with
  • Your budget and scaling plan
  • The best affiliate networks for your business

Many clients who approach Advertise Purple already have a good strategy. What they need is the help of affiliate marketing companies that can connect them with the best affiliate partners. Without these partners, even the best-laid plan can fall short.

The leverage and expert input you’ll find at Advertise Purple makes the difference between a good idea and an actionable strategy. You need to work with an affiliate marketing company that is utterly invested in your success – many companies will simply connect you with a few low-quality affiliate sites and offer zero ongoing customer care.

The work that Advertise Purple does for its clients is never done. The best affiliate network for your business today might be different in 6 months. Advertise Purple constantly monitors the most profitable affiliate partners for your business and helps you adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

When clients approach top affiliate marketing companies, they want to know what could be done better. This attitude of relentless improvement should be carried far beyond the initial consultation – that’s what puts Advertise Purple ahead of the competition.

Build a Data-Backed Plan to Improve Results

Most online advertising relies on big data. Successful online advertising relies on knowing how to analyze big data and draw productive conclusions.

That’s why Advertise Purple developed its proprietary data analysis platform, Purply, in 2019. This technology analyzes a rich dataset of advertising pathways and compares them to determine which strategies have proven consistently successful. The information provided by Purply is constantly being updated, meaning that Advertise Purple can see success trends before they become widely known.

Combined with a massive range of affiliate network partners, Purply enables Advertise Purple to connect its clients with affiliates that will offer superb odds for success.  By analyzing huge datasets and providing detailed feedback, Purply also creates multiple avenues to profit. Plan A has the highest chance of success – if it doesn’t work out against the odds, there’s a Plan B ready. Purply will then use these results to create superior future strategies.

An affiliate marketing company benefits from technology like Purply because its algorithms have a single-minded approach to success. It fits neatly with Advertise Purple’s dedication to yielding a profit for its clients.

Take a Bespoke Approach for Your Vertical

A good affiliate marketing company understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. A client’s vertical can help determine:

  • Which affiliate networks are most suitable
  • The type of customers a client needs to reach
  • What appropriate advertising spend is

Managed services from an affiliate marketing company like Advertise Purple do much more than connect you with high-traffic sites. The goal is to find only sites that will demonstrably return a profit for your business. This means using Purply technology to comb datasets for sites that have yielded great results for similar businesses and knowing how to reach out to these publishers with an attractive proposal.

Having the right approach is a significant benefit of working with affiliate marketing companies. Nothing comes automatically or for free when you’re seeking affiliate partners. The excellent relationship Advertise Purple maintains with its network partners and the 259,000+ sites they represent is a good first step. However, it doesn’t stop there.

As your affiliate marketing manager, Advertise Purple will help design a personalized pitch to sites that offer the best chance of boosting your leads. This pitch will only be made to a site if there’s evidence that it represents a good ROI for your business. There’s no point reaching out to high-traffic publishers if their readers won’t click your links.

Advertise Purple offers affiliate management services to brands in 23 verticals. It has years of experience devising bespoke strategies for businesses in each vertical. The success rates of these strategies continue to inform decision-making today – this helps deliver the 140% average year-on-year revenue growth Advertise Purple provides for its brand partners.

Connect You with Affiliate Networks

Reaching out to a top affiliate network is intimidating for a small to medium-sized business. Any business relationship needs to be beneficial for all parties. For top networks, this means that:

  • You already have an organized pitch for its member websites
  • You know what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it
  • You can prove that letting you advertise with its publishers will generate revenue for those partners

Leading networks receive thousands of proposals from businesses each day. This means that regular brands will struggle to catch their attention. When your brand approaches one of the top affiliate networks through Advertise Purple, you can guarantee two things:

  1. That your brand will instantly have the attention of a top network.
  2. That your marketing proposal will have been engineered by a top affiliate management agency, giving you the choice of advertising partners.

Advertise Purple has an excellent relationship with many leading global affiliate networks. These networks understand that Advertise Purple only agrees to work with brand clients if it knows that it can deliver outstanding results for all parties. When you choose Advertise Purple as your affiliate marketing company, you can guarantee that previously unreachable networks will be ready to get your brand the best affiliate partnerships.

Ongoing, Results-Driven Management for Your Affiliate Advertising Program

The best affiliate marketing companies don’t simply help you put your business on the map. The best agencies help you keep it there and expand your digital presence. Advertise Purple helps its brand clients develop their scalability and continue to connect with new networks and websites to achieve this.

If a previously fruitful partnership has slowed down, a replacement must be found. If initial data points to a successful collaboration but the results aren’t there, this needs to be analyzed and rectified. Advertise Purple is a results-driven affiliate marketing company because it understands that results are what matters most to its clients. The right strategy for your business exists: Advertise Purple has the data, the expertise, and the mentality to find it.

You should also expect top-quality customer care from any external marketing manager. Advertise Purple keeps its clients consistently updated on strategies, insights, and results. It also provides its brand partners with a constant direct line to a project manager to answer questions and maintain a great relationship.

Expect no less – the team at Advertise Purple always demand more from themselves. Your results will bear this out.

What is an Affiliate Network, and How Does It Work?

An affiliate network is an umbrella organization that represents high-traffic websites. These could be:

  • Popular blogs
  • Review websites
  • News organizations
  • Journals and industry publications

The network helps connect these publishers with relevant brands who wish to advertise. This earns the website commission when a lead clicks through and makes a purchase. Networks perform a similar role for high-traffic websites to what affiliate marketing companies offer brand partners.

However, just as with affiliate marketing companies, there’s a huge range in terms of what a network offers its partners. The best networks don’t just provide a basic connection. They know which marketing agencies will connect them with brands that have something to offer their member publishers.

Advertise Purple selects its network partners carefully for this reason. A network might represent thousands of high-traffic publishers but only provide limited support when it comes to developing a mutually beneficial business relationship. Advertise Purple exclusively works with top networks that make the advertising process simple, streamlined, and affordable for its clients.

How Do You Use Affiliate Networks?

Connecting with a high-level affiliate network is difficult for smaller businesses. Affiliate marketing companies like Advertise Purple work as a “vetting” service for networks. This means that the network knows that any brand recommended by Advertise Purple is likely to generate revenue for its member websites via affiliate links.

Conversely, Advertise Purple helps its client brands “vet” networks. Some networks appear legitimate and offer reasonable-sounding prices but provide limited connections and no support after the initial ad spend. When your brand uses Advertise Purple as its affiliate marketing manager, you can guarantee that your product or service will be advertised on relevant, reputable websites represented by a highly respected network.

Advertising through an affiliate network should be a seamless experience with excellent support throughout. By working with a top affiliate marketing company like Advertise Purple, you can ensure that your product will appear in relevant locations on leading websites. This lets your most promising leads find you, generating revenue for your business and the partner website.

Everybody wins in affiliate advertising – but only if you do it right. That’s why brands choose Advertise Purple as their affiliate marketing manager.

Benefits of Working With Affiliate Networks

What makes affiliate marketing more effective than other types of online marketing? At face value, it’s often considered attractive because it represents a low investment for a high potential ROI.

This is an easy, appealing slogan, and it’s led a lot of brands to waste a lot of money on low-quality affiliate marketing companies. Working with affiliate networks is a marketing strategy that requires smart choices and rich datasets to succeed consistently.

Advertise Purple is heavily invested in research and constantly re-examines whether affiliate marketing is the most effective approach for its partner brands. A results-driven business needs to be flexible and honest with itself to succeed consistently.

The company frequently publishes white papers and case studies to this end. It’s not enough to succeed – you need to know why you’re succeeding. That’s how Advertise Purple has achieved its place on Inc.’s list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the U.S. for 4 years straight. Prospective brand partners are encouraged to read through and learn what makes this affiliate advertising strategy so successful in-depth.

Here’s what Advertise Purple offers its brand partners when it reaches out to affiliate-networks on their behalf.

Demonstrable Results

It’s much easier to track the success rate of affiliate marketing than most other strategies. Measuring a page’s traffic against the leads who click through and convert is a simple but effective metric.

Obtaining this data relies on good communication between the publisher and the brand. This is facilitated by the affiliate marketing company and its partner network – without this communication, you can’t measure your success rate. Advertise Purple collects this data and uses it to inform decision-making.

Affordable Investment

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from affiliate advertising because it only requires a small investment. However, even a small waste of money is a bad investment.

Working with Advertise Purple and its partner networks means that your ad spend is small but directed at the best publishers. It’s this targeting that makes it an effective strategy – not simply the low cost.

Excellent ROAS

The potential ROAS is very high – Advertise Purple earns its partner brands an average of 10x ROAS. The rule of thumb across digital marketing is to aim for a ROAS of 5x, but that’s no reason to sit back. The best affiliate marketing companies seek to increase this ratio consistently for their partner brands.

Highly Scalable

It’s not just the ROAS that matters: it’s your brand’s wider growth. Brands represented by Advertise Purple and its partner networks achieve an average of 140% year-on-year revenue growth. Affiliate marketing strategies evolve accordingly – with a huge range of available publishers, it’s easy to scale your business’s marketing campaign as you see consistent growth.

These results can only be achieved with the expertise and connections you’ll find when you work with a top affiliate marketing company. It’s what makes choosing Advertise Purple and its affiliate network partners the best decision your business will ever make.

What are the Best Affiliate Networks?

Advertise Purple partners with many leading affiliate networks representing over 259,000 high-traffic publishers. Each network has a unique offering, and finding the most appropriate network for your brand is part of the service you’ll receive from a top affiliate marketing company.

Below you’ll find a list of the best networks in the business.


Awin is a global network representing over 241,000 publishers. It has offices in 17 countries and has been at the forefront of digital marketing for 21 years. Awin puts creativity at the forefront of its advertising solutions and prides itself on building long-lasting, productive partnerships.

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising boasts over 150,000 publishers and has been ranked as the #1 global affiliate marketing network by leading experts like IPMA and mThink. Rakuten voted Advertise Purple as the Agency of the Year in 2021.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is the largest affiliate marketing network in the world. It offers incredible scale to any associated affiliate marketing company and retains a keen focus on making every advertising relationship profitable for all parties.


Impact specializes in helping brands diversify their campaigns to reach a wider audience – but without watering down the ad content. It’s one of the most innovative networks today and delivers highly targeted ad campaigns for its associates.


Refersion prioritizes scalability for its partners and aims to make it simple for brands to achieve consistent revenue growth. It also provides excellent educational resources for publishers and advertisers.


ShareASale is a branch of Awin. It combines its parent company’s reach with a dedication to technology-driven solutions that help brands find the ideal publisher.


Honey by PayPal is a well-known platform that helps consumers find savings on its members’ websites. Its affiliate program helps attract a huge range of leads – it’s a top network for discovery.

Dotdash Meredith

Dotdash Meredith offers a superb, tailored advertising service for brands, especially those in leisure or luxury verticals. It has excellent publishing connections and is a desirable network for aspirational brands.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a giant in affiliate retail. It provides consumers with coupons that generate an extremely high conversion volume.


Partnerize is a forward-thinking network with one of the most accessible user interfaces you’ll find. It makes it easy to connect to publishers in your vertical and develop a thriving business relationship.

Which Affiliate Network to Choose?

The networks listed above represent a huge volume of publishers. Finding the ideal publishers for your ads doesn’t have to be a labor of love – these are top networks that prioritize making it easy for advertisers to find the right choice.

Any of these networks could be a great choice for most brands. Does that mean you should choose at random? No. Will you build the same kind of revenue growth if you go it alone as if you worked with a top affiliate marketing company? Highly unlikely. Here’s why.

How an Affiliate Management Agency Helps You Find the Best Affiliate Network

As a top affiliate marketing company, Advertise Purple has spent years building a rich dataset based on profitable advertiser-publisher relationships. After developing its proprietary technology Purply in 2019, these extensive datasets became perhaps the most useful tool in the affiliate advertising world for connecting brands with top publishers.

Any top network might be a good choice, but there’s always the best choice for your brand. Advertise Purple can find out what that choice is by using its huge volume of data and superior analytical algorithms. With hundreds of thousands of publishers to choose from across these networks, finding the best publishers for your brand is a needle-in-a-haystack endeavor. Purply is the results magnet you need.

Everything is measured in terms of success when you work with a top affiliate marketing company. Your brand will receive a comprehensive and fully costed marketing plan, and you’ll be assigned a program manager to be your constant point of contact.

The average program lift for brands working with Advertise Purple in the first 6 months is 130%. Year-on-year revenue growth for brands under management is even higher at 140% on average. These are results that your brand needs – these are results you can achieve easily when you work with the best affiliate marketing company in the industry.

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Management Companies

This much we know to be true. The best affiliate marketing companies deliver:

  • Access to the world’s leading affiliate networks
  • Profitable relationships with hundreds of thousands of publishers
  • Bespoke affiliate management for your brand
  • Solutions for a huge range of verticals
  • A results-based approach that will provide consistent growth for your brand

Remember: there are lots of good options. There’s only 1 best option. That’s why brands choose Advertise Purple.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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