August 23, 2019

Advertise Purple’s ‘2019 Inc Best Places To Work’ Party Was Lit – Do The Kids Still Say Lit?

Here at Advertise Purple, we’ve been receiving lots of accolades recently surrounding the success of our business and the happiness of our employees. One of our favorites, though, is without a doubt being included on Inc’s ‘Best Places to Work’ for 2019.

It’s rare to find a workplace where almost everybody in the office enjoys coming in – even on a Monday after a long weekend – ready to work hard but also smart, to achieve a common goal of providing world class affiliate marketing support to our clients.

In the end, it trickles down from the top. Our CEO Kyle Mitnick knows that if we are all fired up to be here, we’ll do a better job. And the result has been unbelievable growth and genuine love for one another and the firm. That can be verified by 16 Glassdoor reviews by employees all with 5-stars. How often do you see that?

Anyway, here are some fun photos from our celebratory night at Santa Monica staple, the Annenberg House right by the beach a couple weeks ago. It was truly a great night!

Jon Moisan, Kyle Mitnick, Manny Serfaty, and Marissa Valentino with our live band. The calm before the storm.
Marissa, Kyle, and Jon looking dapper before the arrival of the rest of the firm.
The rest of AdPurp starts to trickle in…

Sebastian Urtiz, Mike Barron, Kyle Mitnick, and Rowland Hazard getting settled in.

Devon Norris, Kelson Boyer, Marissa Valentino, and Trinity Novak
Mandy Pitera and Trinity Novak getting after it as the sun begins to set on the Annenberg House

Kyle took the mic. Clearly things were getting serious…
Kind of.
Manny Serfaty (debatably) won the impromptu chug contest?
But now it was time to get real. Lots of love in this room that night.
Mike Barron, VP of Sales, speaking to the company.
The crowd was fully locked in.

Who would be next?

CFO Jon Moisan taking the mic.
Followed by Corporate Development Manager, Emily Chen
Director of Account Management, Devon Norris speaks.
Senior Analyst Trinity Novak
Director of Sales, Kelson Boyer
Senior Account Support guru Tim McLoughlin hopped on next.
Followed by Marissa Valentino, Project Manager
Next, we had Senior Account Manager Manny Serfaty
Analyst Sydney Poncelet graced the mic as well

Then the celebration continued on into the night…


It was truly a great night. I hope you enjoyed getting an inside look at how the AdPurp fam gets down! Can’t wait for the next fun night with these great folks.

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