August 16, 2019

Advertise Purple: Where Happy Employees Lead to Award-Winning Revenue Growth

You always hear about “work-life balance” at companies looking to attract stellar new hires. 

I mean, it makes sense. You want your employees to be smart and capable, but even if they’re both of those things, when they’re unhappy they’re not productive. And the assumption is without work-life balance, they may grow discouraged. I feel like there’s no real argument against that.

But what really is work-life balance, though, anyway? Does it mean you can do all your hobbies at work? Because let’s be real, nobody wants to see Joanna from accounting practicing her archery in the lobby. Besides being dangerous, that’s not really positively affecting the bottom line.

At Advertise Purple, I think we’ve actually managed to crack the code on hiring people who all (for the most part) get along and enjoy working together. So, how did we get to the point where we managed to create a healthy blend of work and life for our employees?

With a dog-friendly office, unlimited PTO, less bureaucracy than most agencies, and smart hiring protocol, our “work-life balance” has been achieved. Most people who come to work here every day are fired up to get things done. The result has been magical.

If you want proof, this past Wednesday, Advertise Purple was listed in the Inc Magazine ‘Fastest Growing Companies’ list, coming in at #425 (up from #451 in 2018). Also listed as a 2019 Best Place to Work by Inc and touting great Glassdoor reviews, we proved that happy employees can lead to tremendous YoY revenue growth for our firm. 

That to me is the perfect proof of a work-life balance in a quantified sense. So Joanna, you can put away the bow and arrow. But maybe take a week off to go shooting. You’ve earned it*.

*Nobody named Joanna works at AdPurp. We would never shame anyone from living their truth.



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