November 13, 2020

Advertise Purple Staff Returns to the Office (Kind Of)

Listen, I dislike clickbait as much as the next guy. But with recent news of a potential COVID-19 vaccine as well as evidence of successful treatment, the day that our team actually gets to see one another on a daily basis may be coming relatively soon.

And honestly, I couldn’t help myself re: the title of this article. 🙂

That said, of course, we’ve learned not to plan or predict anything in 2020. There’s simply no point. The phrase “God laughs at your plans” rings true for COVID as well. And we know that being cautious is still the best bet.

But I mean, when you work at a place with people as great as ours, you miss one another. Even more so than maybe people who are much happier with WFH. Of course, we’re making it work, but a lot of what’s great about this agency is the people and seeing each other IRL!

For this reason, we invited small groups of colleagues to the office recently to pick up swag bags with the following ‘Advertise Purple’ branded items: hand sanitizer, disposable mask, Purply branded mask, AP water jug, tee shirt, hat, skincare routine, and more.

So, let’s dive right into our “swaggy” crews of coworkers who swung by the office yesterday (in masks and socially distant!)

To kick things off, we had our Senior Project Manager, events/culture guru, and creator of this plan Marissa take the first ‘swagged out’ photo

As you can see quite clearly, the goal here was to show off the swag bags but also some “swag”. Advertise Purple is based in Santa Monica in LA and we are no strangers to swag in its rawest form.

Just another beautiful day, with clear skies and palm trees. Loved the way you kicked us off, Marissa! Thank you for setting the tone.

Then, we had our first group come in, the morning crew

These guys just wanted to bang it out, get their swag, and go on with their day. Honestly, there’s no choice but to respect it. 3 out of the 4 of them were sales guys. Efficiency. I get it. It makes a whole lot of sense.

Good work, gentleman (and lady). Nice job staying apart from each other too!

We had a swagged out golden retriever named Koda show up

My man couldn’t even help himself. He wanted to try on all of the gear. Of course, Marissa let him in the name of swag. This was a particularly shocking photo for the internal team simply due to the fact that Koda was a smol little pup when we last had him in the office.

Now he’s a certified Big Boi. We love him, still, though!

A slightly bigger crew that refuses to be shamed for social distancing efforts showed next around 11:30

Theo, another office pup, made his way into this photo. A pretty swagged out crew, if I may say so myself. Especially the dude in the grey sweatshirt in the middle (that’s me, I won’t lie to you).

The guy on the far right is Sebastian. We almost took this photo without him while he was in the office looking for some stuff. It would’ve been a shame if we had snapped the photo without him, though. The man epitomizes swag. He’d tell you that himself, I’m sure.

This crew brought the most swag of any other, in my opinion

Dog, check. Cool poses, check. Prayer hands, check. Swagger on 100,000,000, of course.

This crew came correct. I’m not mad at them!

Crew with the youngest (unborn) person in it, though…. Arguably tops that last squad

Okay, so Kadi, the woman in the middle brought a young unborn baby into the mix which is more swaggy than anything else you can do, really. Not to mention, her attire is swagged out as are the other two team members to her left and right.

It’s not a good idea to sleep on this crew. Not a good idea, at all.

This evening duo got it done, rounding things out

You love to see the sun set on a beautiful Santa Monica day full of swag and goodies and happy colleagues. What a glorious and fun event put on to make us all feel a little less alone during such a weird and disappointing time.

Because while we’re sacrificing quite a bit during this period, it could always be much worse. As we head towards Thanksgiving, we’re trying to express as much gratitude as possible for one another and for having a great team that feels like a family here at AP.

We hope you enjoyed these silly swagged out photos, though. Stay tuned for more!

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