March 10, 2020

Advertise Purple Selected as ‘Platinum’ Agency Partner in the Rakuten Affiliate Network

We’re thrilled to report we’ve been given top-tier ‘Platinum’ Agency Partner status by our good friends over at the Rakuten Affiliate Network.

For the last few months, Rakuten has been assessing the quality and performance of the affiliate agencies managing programs within their network. Their goal was to designate both ‘Platinum’ (top tier) and ‘Preferred’ (secondary tier) status for the elite agencies they partner with.

This past week, we got the exciting news that Advertise Purple was chosen as one of only five agencies out of the many they work with to be a part of that top “Platinum” tier. Substantial perks and benefits come with Platinum status, such as priority for opportunities and events as well as premier client service.

We simply could not be more proud of the work our team has done to achieve this recognition and newfound status. We love that sales growth was one of the most important factors that contributed to our inclusion as a Platinum agency. Of course, we have the client count and revenue numbers to back that up.

But beyond making money for ourselves, our clients, and the Rakuten network, we also were rewarded for our professionalism, longevity, scope and expertise in the industry. These are all key determining factors for agencies that became Platinum. 

It’s great to be able to reflect a bit on our achievements. We’ve been successful members of the industry and partners with the Rakuten Affiliate Network for a long time. We were chosen for having built a brand that has simply mastered affiliate advertising. With revenue growth numbers to back it up, we were chosen because of results.

Our Executive Director of Accounts Devon Norris weighed in on how important this is to us here at Advertise Purple:

Devon said, “The RAN platinum agency recognition is such a huge accomplishment for Advertise Purple, as there is a lot of competition in the affiliate agency world and this is further confirmation that we are performing stellar work. Everyone here works incredibly hard to provide the best level of service for our clients, so it means the world to us that we are being recognized for that from such a reputable company like Rakuten.”

Working with Rakuten over the years, we’ve seen it grow its global presence as one of the leading advertising entities in the world. From partnering with top athletic franchises like the Golden State Warriors and FC Barcelona to running campaigns with some of the most recognizable online brands, there’s no doubt that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

And since they are leaders in the affiliate space, we also have to recognize that certainly a big part of our success is thanks to them. We happen to work with and have great relationships with most of the affiliate networks in the space, but Rakuten and their team are truly some of the best in the business.

According to their note awarding us this honor, “This designation is rare and only bestowed upon our agency partners with outstanding success in previous years. It requires an elite level of affiliate experience and dedication to manage and lead advertisers to achieve impressive sales growth, and this commitment and hard work has not gone unnoticed.”

So a hearty thank you to Rakuten for honoring us with Platinum status. We cannot stress enough how much this means to us, and we look forward to more great collaboration in the years to come.

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