October 15, 2019

Advertise Purple Honored to Be Ranked 37th On Entrepreneur 360 ‘Most Entrepreneurial Companies’ List, Per Yahoo! Finance

In a recent press release picked up by Yahoo! Finance, it was reported that under the leadership of President and Founder Kyle Mitnick, Advertise Purple was selected by in their Entrepreneur 360 List as the 37th ranked ‘Most Entrepreneurial Company’.

I mean, when the word “entrepreneur” is used three times in one sentence to describe your firm, you’re probably doing something right.

But seriously, we are honored to receive the award. As the leader and entrepreneur behind the brand, Kyle Mitnick deserves a great deal of the credit for the blood, sweat, and tears he’s put in over the last decade to get the company to where it is today. And most importantly, the risks he’s taken and faith he’s put in those who work for and around him.

Growing quickly and adapting to industry trends has been a major key to the success of Ad Purp. There is still room to keep growing and to continue systematically increasing sales and revenue for our clients, but it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few accolades along the way.

We’re getting great feedback on the work we’re doing, both with our clients and internally.

I mean, let’s reflect a bit. Advertise Purple has picked up awards indicative of our company culture and the firm being widely considered one of the best places to work. We’ve won awards that highlight how quickly we’re growing. We’ve been recognized for our great business model. We’re up for awards on our innovation. And with this most recent award, we’re now being recognized for the entrepreneurial spirit of our leadership.

With a focus on affiliate marketing, we’re working on the most cutting-edge side of advertising. There’s no room for coasting or becoming stuck in a rut. As affiliate management changes, we adapt on the fly. We’re always holding company wide meetings with updates on how our workflow needs to change when something happens in the space. We’re always changing our methodologies.

Our leaders are proactive and so is our entire staff of employees. I think that flexibility is a key to our ability to stay nimble and able to adapt, even as we grow. That’s the key to entrepreneurialism. Plugging away and trying new things, but never making the same mistake twice. Changing strategies and never becoming discouraged when we must do so.

Working for a company where you’re not doing the same monotonous thing every day is highly rewarding and fulfilling. I think that’s why people love working here. And then, in turn, when we have employees providing excellent service to our clients, the clients are left with a positive impression and sales to boot.

There’s a lot to be excited about here and we’re looking forward to what’s next to come!

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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