June 14, 2023

Advertise Purple CEO Talks Growth With

One of our close and long standing partners sat down with our CEO, Jonathan Moisan, to talk about how Advertise Purple is creating extremely diverse and profitable affiliate programs for their clients with the help of’s unique insights and tools for affiliate marketers. They wanted to understand how Advertise Purple excels in the industry by delivering incomparable results for the brands we manage and how our partnership with them changed our day to day processes. To do so we had to take a trip down memory lane and recall what things were like in the olden days before we worked together.

Advertise Purple’s partnership with started only a few years into our journey as an agency so our portfolio and internal database were exponentially smaller than they are today. That being said, we lacked the insights to make truly data-driven decisions specifically about new affiliates that we didn’t have performance data on. We were tracking everything from the partners active in a client’s program but had little visibility into how an unproven partner would perform when put to the test.’s extensive reporting capabilities made it immensely easier to get a sense of how each affiliate was doing and the overall health of a client’s program. It also let us find new partners that we could onboard with confidence that they would be successful and drive revenue for our brands.

Prior to the process for finding new affiliates to onboard was archaic. We had a substantial amount of relationships with top publishers in diverse classifications from shopping/loyalty to content, tech, and more. We leveraged the relationships we had for optimizations and made new connections organically through immersing ourselves in the affiliate industry, but it wasn’t enough to support growth at the rate we were expanding. We have a team dedicated to scouting new up-and-coming publishers or niche affiliates that are the perfect fit for a specific client, and they’d manually vet each affiliate to see if they were a viable partner but this process was not efficient by any means. Partnering with really changed the game when it came to expanding our portfolio of affiliate partners. 

Impact Marketplace streamlines the discovery and recruitment process by giving us access to affiliate data for new, unproven, partners. We rely heavily on using the filters to create narrow parameters that are specific to the client we’re recruiting for which makes the process of finding niche creators that much easier. Through Marketplace we’re also able to reach out directly to the affiliate and lay the foundation for the partnership before integrating them to our internal platforms. The communication feature is also extremely useful for managing creatives in one place so nothing gets lost. 

Overall, Advertise Purple has leveraged and their incredible toolset to scale our agency and support our number one goal which is employing data-led strategy to create successful recruitment and optimization decisions to grow our client’s affiliate programs into a source of tremendous value and profitability. Without them we’d still be spending countless hours scrolling the internet to find new publishers and trying to gauge their performance through insufficient means. Thankfully we’ve fostered an amazing relationship over the years with, allowing us to create diverse programs for clients that avoid concentration risk and drive impactful value for our brands, no pun intended.

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