January 20, 2021

Advertise Purple Continues COVID-19 Philanthropic Efforts, Donating $1,680 For The Laundry Truck LA

Advertise Purple has been increasingly philanthropic during the COVID-19 spread, which has affected California, and specifically our home here in Los Angeles more than in other regions across the country.

But working with The Laundry Truck LA, an organization that was already providing free laundry for the unhoused around Los Angeles County long before the pandemic felt like a clear and obvious way to increase their reach and help more people in need.

Efforts for TLTLA are led by DOLAN, a Los Angeles-based, modern, socially responsible clothing company. A portion of net proceeds from every DOLAN clothing purchase contributes to clean laundry for someone in need.

Our president, Kyle Mitnick, was impressed with Jodie Dolan (DOLAN CEO) as a likeminded socially conscious entrepreneurs and initially had our team reach out to see how we could get involved.

She was immediately willing to jump on a Zoom call with a few other members from her team to give a presentation, describe ways we could help, and answer any questions that our team had for her.

During the Zoom call, she shared this video, put together by media outlet UPROXX, which shows how the mission to provide laundry services for those in need came about and perhaps most impactful was the inclusion of testimonials from recipients of the services.

Volunteers and staff wore masks, abided by CDC guidelines, and sanitized all tools and machinery. The people who received their laundry (relatively quickly and efficiently, I might add) were all incredibly thankful to have such a service.

Many remarked that it helped them feel a level of dignity and respect that often isn’t given. It also opens doors to getting back on one’s feet. Not only are they getting their laundry done. Perhaps, they are getting some clean clothes that can be the first step to a new opportunity.

All of us at Advertise Purple understand we are in a position of privilege. Having a job that can be performed remotely at a growing company in the middle of a pandemic is a luxury not afforded to everybody.

We understand that.

Which makes it even easier to pull the trigger on donating to a great cause such as this one. We also felt a cultural match between our philanthropic efforts at AdPurp and the gung ho ready-to-help mantra that was so clear from TLTLA.

We hope to continue working closely with their team, even after this pandemic is long gone or at least under better control.

While donations help, they are always looking for volunteers. Go to to find out how to get involved directly with their in-person team.

Again, anything helps. Among many other things, they are looking to expand their areas of operation, raise money to buy generators and more trucks.

We hope this inspires you to get involved, whether or not you’re in the LA area, as people need support in these difficult times.

Thank you!

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