July 23, 2019

Ad Purp Profiles: Valerie Silva, Analyst

Valerie Silva, a marketing analyst at Advertise Purple, is a perfect example of someone who takes full ownership of her role and helps those around her succeed. In this piece, I’ll break down how her data-driven approach to her role made things easier for her entire team.

When I asked her to sum herself up in a few short words, love for “numbers” and “my doggie Bear” were the first two things that immediately came to mind. And trust me, she loves Bear, so by that measure, her affinity for crunching numbers is without a doubt real too.

So, let’s dive into her background and how she got here.

After graduating high school, the LA native left town to attend UC Davis and it was at her UCDC exchange education program in the nation’s capital where she began cultivating that data skillset.

Working as a business analyst for the Small Business Administration (SBA) in the heart of Washington D.C., she had a lot of projects thrown at her in a short period of time. She took that natural ability with numbers and harnessed it, getting more and more confident in her abilities.

When it was time to come back to California, she landed at Advertise Purple, where she was an absolute perfect fit. She’s been a valued asset to the team ever since.

But most notably, there was a project Valerie took on that wasn’t found anywhere in her job description. Valerie had experience from D.C. working with some of the same data analysis systems that we use at AdPurp. She saw an opportunity to optimize workflow by coding and creating templates her entire team uses now on a daily basis.

With the full support of management, her raw ideas were turned into usable assets for the rest of the analyst team to leverage. Rather than maintain the status quo or assume change would be difficult, leadership at AdPurp liked where Valerie was going and gave her the opportunity to step up big time. She took that opportunity and everyone benefitted.

So, what lessons can we learn from Valerie’s success at Advertise Purple? Needle moving innovation can come from anyone at your firm. If you foster an environment where everyone’s voice is heard, the whole team will win.

We love having Valerie (and Bear) on our team and we can’t wait to see what great work is ahead!


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