September 9, 2019

Ad Purp Profiles: Taylor Kim on Opportunities For Success & Growth at Advertise Purple

Taylor Kim started at Advertise Purple in April and has been a key contributor from the jump. Working in multiple verticals as an account manager, she caught on quickly and most recently she was rewarded for her hard work by being credited by her managers with Best Account Manager of the quarter for Q3.

When an organization notices its employees who achieve at a high level and gives them recognition, it makes for a competitive — but not cutthroat — environment. We at AdPurp like to see our entire staff thrive. And Taylor is a perfect example of a rising star at the agency. The example she set as someone who’s only been here for about half a year helps the rest of us want to step our game up.

I sat down with her to see a bit more about her approach to her role at Advertise Purple and what she’s learned along the way.

Q: Briefly describe your day as an AM

My day as an AM is always subject to change so being flexible is a huge aspect of the job. Some days I have a more clear schedule, and other days it can be back to back meetings and calls. I like to start my days off by checking on my clients, seeing if anything has come up or if they need anything from me. After that, it’s a meeting or a few calls, and of course, I have to squeeze in my love for petting all the office dogs in between! I like to wrap things up by doing research on new strategies and campaigns that I can present to my clients to add consistent value to their affiliate programs.

Q: How do you go about making sure clients are happy and feel their needs and concerns are addressed adequately?

For me personally, it’s always about genuinely listening to what my client’s concerns are. I think reassuring them that I am actively listening and understanding their needs is the first step. After that, it’s analyzing the issue and being able to present a solution. While I am the main point of contact and their day to day, the clients have an entire team behind them here at Advertise Purple. We actively collaborate with our analysts and account directors to ensure that the solutions we provide for them are the best fit for their needs.

Q: Why do you think that AdPurp is successful?

AdPurp is so successful for many reasons, but I think they can be summed up into two things, and that’s leadership and culture. First and foremost, AdPurp has impeccable leadership all across the board. Our department heads are all so driven and uniquely incredible at what they do. We have structured teams so that everyone is able to flourish in collaborative environments, and there are also countless opportunities for new leaders to emerge. When it comes to culture, Ad Purp is unlike any other company I’ve had the privilege of working for. It is so rewarding to work in an environment where we do feel like a family. When people work in positive environments where the work culture is a priority, they tend to be much happier and their work stronger. I’m always excited to go back to work on a Monday to see my colleagues!

Q: You recently won an award for Best Performing AM. How did that feel? Were you expecting it?

I was completely shocked, to be honest! I thought if I was going to be considered for an award that it would be other “Best up and Coming AM” because I am still considered “new.” All my surprise aside, I was very grateful to be recognized and even more motivated to continue my growth here. It was a very meaningful moment to be presented with the award by my Account Director!

Q: What professional goals do you have?

I would say that my short term professional goals are to continue to master my position and to grow as much as I can. I love to challenge myself to learn new things and see how I can push to the next level. Eventually, for the long term, I see myself running a team or a division. I believe in my leadership skills and that Advertise Purple is the perfect place for me to hone in and develop those even further.

Q: Describe the work-life balance at Advertise Purple

The work-life balance is incredible here. AdPurp values company bonding outside the office, as well as the fact that having a strong work-life balance fosters stronger and happier employees. They very generously offer all of us unlimited PTO which definitely helps when planning stressful life events and appointments that we just can’t avoid.

Q: What advice would you give to someone starting out in their career, perhaps on the job search or trying to figure out what to do?

My advice is that you don’t have to stress too much if you’re just starting out and don’t know exactly what you want to do. You are completely allowed to not know! Do research into fields and positions of interest and tighten the reigns from there. When it comes to applying, I always say the best thing to do is consistently apply to new jobs during your search period. Once you get in the habit of researching, prepping, and reaching out, it will get easier and easier. New positions open up constantly and timing is very important.
Thanks Taylor!

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