April 6, 2020

Ad Purp Profiles: Director of Analytics & Automation, Trinity Novak

We recently highlighted some of the top women at Ad Purp for International Women’s Month, and one of those women is the wonderful Trinity Novak, our Director of Analytics & Automation. 

She’s been at the company since 2017, and in the time since then she has established herself as a key decision maker and leader when it comes to the implementation of new ideas and strategies for the company.

She runs the data team, overseeing a team of 11 analysts. However, beyond just that, now with new proprietary automation software that she manages, the scope of her role has increased. And arguably, she has been put in an even more pivotal position, leading the charge with the A.I. side of things.

She’s stepped up to the plate, taking on new responsibilities, delegating to her team when needed, and helping iron out the kinks wherever possible.

I was able to discuss her background, how her role at the company has evolved, and other important details about her experience at Advertise Purple. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about her.

Q: Hi Trinity, tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? 

A: I’m from the San Fernando Valley. I try to stifle my valley girl accent as best I can. I moved to West Los Angeles shortly after college and began working at Advertise Purple in 2017.

Q: I know you went to UCSB. What did you study in college?

A: I studied biopsychology at UCSB. I really enjoyed the coursework and had the opportunity to work in a neuroscience research lab where my curiosity for analytics began. The research and analytical skills I gained from undergrad paralleled marketing analytics and I never looked back.

Q: How’d you find out about Advertise Purple?

A: I decided I wanted to pursue a career in research shortly after graduation. After initially starting my search with research labs I broadened my search to consumer research and insights which led me to Advertise Purple.

Q: What about working at a fast growing company excites you most?

A: I’m most excited about the development of new initiatives and goals. Hurdles and challenges come with that territory but it’s truly an amazing feeling when you know that your input and effort directly impact company success. 

Q: Speaking of, how would you describe your trajectory from day one at Ad Purp to now?

A: I had the fortunate opportunity to be placed in a unique position. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to build and manage a team of intelligent analysts all with unique skill sets that holistically complement each other. As we’ve continued to grow, more and more opportunities arose to drive value to and for the company.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the A.I. and automated software integration to our business?

A: Absolutely. As an agency, we have years and years of experience in the industry and with that comes an insurmountable amount of data. We began an initiative to aggregate this data into a consolidated, single pane window. We developed a proprietary business intelligence dashboard that we’re really excited about. The operations team uses this new dashboard on a daily basis to create marketing strategies for our clients. We’re incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence to suggest growth opportunities and estimate performance utilizing predictive analytics backed by historical data.

Q: How has your day-to-day life differed since implementing the new technology?

A: My day to day is much more efficient since the new tech launch. While still in its infancy, it has allowed both myself and my colleagues to dive deeper into data and further drive valuable insights and recommendations to our clients.

Q: Where do you see the company in a few years? Even in a few months, really?

A: The company is making a pretty revolutionary pivot in the next few months. The automation initiative not only serves as a great tool on the backend but it also serves as a great opportunity to delve into SaaS. More specifically, the project will become a client facing business intelligence dashboard, a huge win and opportunity for the company. 

Q: How important do you take being in a leadership role?

A: Being in a leadership role is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. I strive to be an amazing resource for my team first and foremost. My leadership approach gives my team the autonomy to try new initiatives and ideas backed by a comprehensive marketing analytics foundation.

Q: As International Women’s Month just ended, can you reflect a bit on women in tech and advertising? Specifically, how does Ad Purp stack up with how it values women?

A: Equal representation is the norm at AdPurp. I’ve always felt unwavering support from upper management, identifiers aside. Just last month, Kyle sent three directors to a women’s networking event to show support for this cause. Women in tech is a world I am grateful to be a part of.

Q: What advice do you have for the younger generation, who may be in college or building a career?

A: Enjoy life in the present moment. Don’t treat any point in your life as a transitory period: enjoy the process, learn from your mistakes, try your best every single day. Immerse yourself in something you’re passionate about and the rest will come.

Q: Can you touch on Coronavirus a little bit, since it’s on all of our minds. How has life transitioned for everyone now that we’re working from home seemingly indefinitely?

A: There’s quite a bit of uncertainty right now and the global situation has impacted everyone. I think Advertise Purple handled this uncertainty with poise and strength. I’m so impressed with AdPurp’s smooth transition to work from home. The work that upper management and HR have done to keep everyone’s spirits high is commendable. Not to mention, it’s important to take note of the work on the back-end given the impact of the current situation. We’ll find strength through adversity.

Q: What do you most want to accomplish in your career?

A:  I see myself furthering my analytics and automation career in the marketing field. Ultimately, I want to achieve success by doing what I truly enjoy and continuously challenging myself– that would be the most rewarding accomplishment in my career.

Big thank you to Trinity! We hope you enjoyed learning more about her and the team. 


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