June 24, 2020

9 Ad Purp New Hires Find a Home Amidst Uncertainty

Without rehashing the obvious, it’s quite clearly a strange time in our country and world right now.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and a slowly recovering economy, many companies have turned to downsizing by laying off or furloughing their employees to attempt to weather the storm.

Thankfully for us here at Advertise Purple, we’ve actually been growing and thriving during this time. Toting a business model that lends itself to helping brands maximize revenue even during the ongoing unpredictable times we’re in has helped us manage our own balance sheet.

Hence, growing while other firms are decreasing their staff count.

This week alone, we have eight new hires starting. We also had two begin a week prior to this new cohort. We thought, what better time to give these folks a platform to speak on how they ended up at Ad Purp, where they were before, and making the most of the ongoing situation.

I was able to hear from 9 new employees and it was truly eye-opening to see what people had to say – especially as it pertains to virtual graduations, adjustments to plans, and the like. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about our newest team members’ journeys as much as I did.

Let’s get right into it.

Audrey L

“I feel very lucky to be starting a new role in this crazy time in the world. After finishing school at UC Berkeley I worked at a consulting firm for a year and a half before figuring out my next step. I am so excited to begin my journey in e-commerce and affiliate marketing. I can definitely see why Advertise Purple is one of the best places to work in LA, onboarding has been extremely thorough and I have learned so much already in my first three days. Advertise Purple seems like a really great community and I can’t wait for what’s ahead.”

Parker S

“I graduated from UCLA last December with the plan of moving back home to Colorado for a couple months then returning to LA to start working. The global pandemic delayed these plans and added a large degree of uncertainty, but ultimately I found a great job at an exciting, quickly growing company that really cares about its employees. I’ve felt so welcomed over my first few days and have already learned so much. The only downside is that I’ll have to wait to get the ‘dogs in office’ perk.”

Sonny N

“Prior to starting here, I was at a company called Anyone Home. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to join the Ad Purp team during these times. Starting from WFH is different and I can’t wait until this is all over.”

Sanjana N

“Before Advertise Purple, I was working at a PR agency full-time. Navigating my job search through the pandemic has definitely been a tough experience, as I was putting in 6-7 hours a day on job applications, however, it definitely ended up being better than I anticipated!”

Kelli K

“Before the pandemic, I was actually in my last semester at The Ohio State University on spring break. So going into the pandemic I was already worried about whether I would still have graduation, when I would be able to say goodbye to my friends, etc. I also had originally not been looking for jobs because I was supposed to go on a month- long trip across Asia. So now I had to start scouring the job market and was super worried when there were very few jobs posted and then ones that required 5+ years of experience or an MBA. Luckily I came across Advertise Purple’s posting, got an interview, and am very grateful to have had an offer.”

Kelsey C

“I just graduated from the USC Marshall School of Business, virtual graduation and all! I have always been very passionate about marketing, and interned at Fox Broadcasting Company and Starz Entertainment while attending USC. I am very excited to be at Advertise Purple, and while I was initially nervous to start a new job remotely, I am extremely grateful to everyone here for such a seamless transition and for making the new hires feel so welcome during these crazy times!”

Jake S

“My name is Jake, I most recently was a project and client manager for an entertainment marketing company that specializes in product placement for film and television. I feel very fortunate to have found a new home at Advertise Purple. Many of the job prospects were not industries or companies that fit my career goals and I was preparing to take a step back actually. The on-boarding process during the pandemic can be difficult for the employer and employee, but I have been met with warm welcomes and excellent teachers! All in all a great first week, excited to meet everyone face to face soon.”

James B

“My previous company went through a round of lay-offs in January, which turned out to be the worst possible time for me personally! I ended up having several job opportunities in NYC rescinded due to the global crisis, which aided my decision to return to Los Angeles to be closer to my family. I came across a job posting for a role at Advertise Purple and was immediately interested due to the massive growth in the affiliate marketing space. My virtual onboarding has been great, everyone on the team is happy to jump on a video chat at any time to assist in getting me up to speed. Definitely excited to join the Ad Purp Team!”

Blake B

“Prior to Advertise Purple, I was a marketing manager at a car dealership. The team was roughly 10 people so joining Advertise Purple with ~80 people and more systems in place during a time where everyone works from home was a bit nerve-wracking.

The adjustment has been interesting but really amazing at the same time. All of the companies I’ve previously worked for had ~10 people so it was more of a learn-as-you-go environment. Here, there are a lot of systems in place to ensure your success so it’s been a lot to take in (especially being off-site) but so many team members have reached out to me privately offering a hand. It’s safe to say I’ve taken them up on it every time and everyone has done so much to make all of the new hires feel as comfortable as possible.”

We’re so happy to have you all. Welcome!

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