January 6, 2020

7 Resolution-based Verticals Affiliates are Eying in Q1 of 2020

If you’re a better person than I am and you’ve stepped foot in a gym in 2020 already, you’ve probably come across big crowds of people working on their bodies, trying to combat the holiday pounds they’ve packed on.

New Year’s Resolutions affect our economy in strange ways. And it seems to happen, like clockwork, each January. Some industries and verticals see booms and others suffer during the beginning of the new year.

Bars are likely to take a hit in January, as many people attempt Sober January after seemingly endless cocktail parties and drinking events towards the end of 2019.

I think common sense indicates that health and wellness is a key vertical that will see more traffic and conversions in the beginning of the new decade. However, I think there are other industries that you might not have considered that will almost certainly flourish as well as people gear up for their New Year’s Resolutions.

For example…

1. Meditation and Mindfulness

An industry that was already trending upwards towards the end of the last decade, meditation and mindfulness is likely to continue seeing growth in Q1 of the new year. It’s important to put one’s mental health at the forefront, and after a hectic and busy holiday season, lots of people I’ve spoken to are looking to either begin, get back into, or enhance their meditation program.

There’s a lot of time for reflection in January, as many people start new jobs around this time and people try to balance relationships and life goals. I expect products and services in this space to see a bump in the new year, as we all work on ourselves a bit more after caring about all of our loved ones during the end of last year.


2. CBD Treatment and Other Applicable Supplements

This almost falls under the same category as medication and mindfulness. People are looking for relief in the new year, and in some cases that comes in the form of melatonin to sleep, CBD for pain and anxiety, and other products that help people achieve that balance we’re all striving for. 

I think that we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg with CBD and it’s practical uses. I consider it a strong space in Q1, but also throughout the year. I’m sure certain companies will emerge as the leaders here some time in 2020. There’s still so much research to be done and studies that might more clearly indicate how and when to use CBD for a plethora of potential practical uses.

3. Food Delivery Services

It might seem counterintuitive at first that food will do well during a time that a lot of people are cutting back, but I think food boxes and healthier alternatives to what we’ve all been eating recently will do well.

Companies that offer healthy and affordable meal options will likely be advertising quite a bit in Q1 and will help people get off on the good foot to make sure their bodies thank them a bit later for it.

4. Gym and Fitness Companies and Programs

Many of us witnessed the disastrous aftermath of Peloton attempting to advertise to people around the holidays about fitness. The woman from the ads became a meme, as the joke was made that her husband didn’t really love her for giving her a Peloton for Christmas. She seemed trapped in an unhealthy relationship and the Peloton was a big part of it.

But I think there are much healthier alternatives and brands that are succeeding based on resolutions that people seek to fulfill in 2020. Examples include but aren’t limited to gym and fitness class subscriptions, fitness attire and gear, and electronics aimed at tracking fitness progress. These are all products and services that will see a boost during January and beyond.

5. Education, Skills, and Self-betterment Products

This category is pretty broad. Everything from wanting to learn a new language to a new skill or class online that could help them in their career, people who made resolutions to develop a skill or talent in 2020 will be looking for deals on ways to get that done.

Affiliates will be working closely with these sorts of companies to pass along recommendations and help for people who want to be better in 2020.

6. Home Goods

Didn’t receive that smart speaker you wanted for Christmas? Need better furniture so you can work and live in your house or apartment more comfortably. Feel like something is missing in your home that would help you feel a sense of peace and calm around the post-holiday hangover? 

There’s going to be a big push for redecorating and building a better home in the new year. This is especially true around the beginning of the year as we shift our focus from our friends and loved ones back to ourselves. I see January as the beginning of Spring Cleaning. Customers will look to get their lives in order in the new year.

7. Pet Related Products

Whether or not you agree with such a major responsibility as a gift, a lot of people did receive new pets around the holidays. A good amount of others treated themselves to a non-human friend in or around the new year as well. I believe pet shipping, pet food and supplies, pet toys, and the like will all see a boost in January.

As a dog owner myself, I know I spent quite a bit on beds that were eventually torn to pieces during the puppy phase. Nowadays, it’s difficult not to spend a lot when you have a bet because of one’s unconditional love for our furry (or in some cases non-furry) friends.

Looking forward to a fresh start in this new year? Interested in affiliate marketing? Drop us a line and let’s get to brainstorming ways affiliate could help you in the new year!

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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