December 13, 2023

Tis the season of giving: 5 ways to incorporate philanthropy in the workplace

While the spirit of giving often intensifies during certain seasons, at Advertise Purple, we firmly believe that giving should be a year-round commitment. Since our inception in 2012, philanthropy has been woven into the very fabric of our company. Philanthropic involvement probably isn’t at the top of the list for a founder who is working tirelessly to get their startup off the ground, but weaving charity into the early-stages of a business can have numerous long-term benefits. Creating relationships with nonprofit organizations can bridge the gap from startup to full-fledged enterprise.

With already limited resources, it can be challenging for a startup to think of ways to engage in philanthropy. However, giving back doesn’t always have to involve significant financial contributions. Donations can be made through volunteering time, forging partnerships, gifting goods or services, and other forms that align with a company’s values and mission.

Ways To Give

  1. Volunteer your time or skills
    One of the most valuable ways to contribute to a nonprofit organization is through your time or skill set. Startups can engage in volunteering through organized company-wide events or offer volunteer time off (VTO) to its employees. 
  1. Utilize your digital presence
    Use your startup’s social media channels or website to promote related philanthropies. While this supports the nonprofit organization, it can also expand the startup’s visibility and reach new audiences. 
  1. Donate items
    Most people and businesses are guilty of holding onto items that are no longer being used and can be given a second life. Encourage your startup team to donate clothing, food, technology, furniture, office supplies, and other gently used items to organizations in need.
  1. Pledge a portion from each sale
    Partner with a nonprofit organization that relates to your startup and designate a percentage from each sale to be contributed to them. Consumers will feel empowered to make a difference through their purchase which will directly impact your startup.
  1. Offer discounts to aligned causes
    After identifying a cause that aligns with your startup’s goals, offer your product or service at a discounted rate to nonprofit organizations or employees in that sector. This supports their work and enhances brand awareness for your startup.

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