April 30, 2019

5 Reasons to Start Affiliate Marketing Right Now

Affiliate marketing is more popular than ever and only looks set to grow. It currently drives 16% of e-commerce sales, equal to email marketing and ahead of both social and display ads. The channel is expected to continue growing at a rate of 10% as more and more brands invest in it. With consumer behaviors shifting and buyer habits changing, marketing methods are adapting to keep up. In order for brands to stay relevant and top of mind, they’re looking at new ways of reaching audiences. Plus, the ever-increasing squeeze on marketing budgets means that performance-based channels are increasingly popular. Here are five reasons why your company needs to get started with affiliate marketing asap.


1 – It’s a Low-Risk Marketing Channel

Traditional marketing can be a high-risk business. You need to invest in advertising space, event booths, or television minutes up front. Even if you do everything in your power to run a successful campaign, sometimes things don’t go your way. This results in thousands of dollars being wasted on marketing activities that don’t generate a return. But affiliate marketing is different. Businesses only pay commission once a product has been sold. This performance-based approach means there’s minimal risk involved, making it much more appealing than other channels.  


2 – Connects You with Your Target Audience

Working with affiliates enables you to tap into their specific audience. You’re able to niche down in a way that isn’t possible with large media sites, radio, or television. By partnering with bloggers, YouTubers, or authority sites in your industry, you can target an audience with pinpoint precision. Instead of advertising in fitness or women’s interest magazines, you can work with a publisher that specializes in vegan workout nutrition, financial planning for female professionals, or any number of other niches. Precise targeting increases conversion rates that your campaigns generate better revenue results.


3 – Leverages Established Credibility

Publishers have usually built up a relationship with their audiences over several years. It can be tough for brands to do the same in a shorter time period, especially when launching new products. But by working with a publisher, you can leverage their credibility. If they recommend your product or service, then their audience is likely to see it as trustworthy. This saves you time and effort, enabling you to make sales from day one.


4 – Isn’t Limited to One Platform

Unlike other forms of marketing, affiliate publishers will promote your brand in a number of different ways. They may write a review, how-to guide, or educational article on their blog. They might create an unboxing video or give product demos on YouTube, Facebook Live, or Instagram Stories. Affiliates often have email lists and social media followings that they’ll share content with, further extending the reach of their promotions. This delivers a much sought-after omnichannel approach which maximizes awareness and results.


5 – Drives Repeat Customers

Customers that buy through affiliate channels are often repeat purchasers. They haven’t been seduced by stylish ads and don’t buy on impulse. They have been educated, nurtured, and persuaded by an affiliate who has shown them the ins and outs of your product. This means that they make an informed decision to purchase, which increases the likelihood of them being satisfied. This is why customers from affiliate channels tend to be more valuable since they purchase several times and develop brand loyalty.

If your brand isn’t currently using affiliate marketing, then it’s time to get involved. It’s a low-risk channel that connects you directly with a target audience and leverages established credibility. You’ll benefit from omnichannel promotion and high-value customers. To find out how this approach can help your business, get in touch with our friendly team.



Advertise Purple is the #1 affiliate management agency in the USA. We help clients across the country to super-charge their affiliate revenue and get the most out of the channel. In fact, our clients see an average of 131% growth in affiliate sales within our first six months of campaign management.  This is done for any niche, whether you are in it for direct e-commerce sales or lead generation.

Through our extensive network of high-quality affiliates, we’ve driven over $22 million in revenue for clients. With over nine years of successful affiliate management experience and a team of dedicated experts, we’re revered by networks and publishers as the leading affiliate management company.

If you want to step up your performance marketing or need help developing your affiliate network, our team can help. Simply send us a message using the form below, call us on 866.833.0574 or email [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!


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