March 25, 2024

Key Findings from Hootsuite’s 2024 Social Media Consumer Report for Brands

This month, Hootsuite, in collaboration with Critical Truth, unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 Social Media Consumer Report. The report, compiled from the responses of 6,026 individuals aged 18–64 in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, sheds light on crucial insights into consumer behavior and preferences in the realm of social media. From the impact of various content strategies to what truly engages followers, the findings offer valuable guidance for brands aiming to navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape effectively.

Understanding Social Media Sins

One of the report’s focal points revolves around the “sins” that brands commit on social media, often leading to unfollows or hiding of their content. The survey uncovered that actions such as posting clickbait, repetitive content, or inauthentic material prompt significant disengagement from users. Among the noteworthy statistics, 54% of respondents admitted to unfollowing brands guilty of posting clickbait, while 44% took similar actions in response to inauthentic content. Other top actions that led to unfollows were posting boring content, provoking reactions to increase clicks and comments, not interacting with followers, and posting repetitive content.

What Followers Want To See

Now knowing what actions may prompt unfollows, let’s dive into what people want to see on their social media feeds. The key findings are that users seek entertainment from content that is new, funny, and inspiring. 

A significant portion of active shoppers, ranging from 55% to 75% for each situation, appreciate brands engaging in cultural moments. Whether it’s major sporting events, pop culture highlights, breaking news, social justice movements, or political discourse, these events resonate strongly with engaged consumers. In contrast, a smaller but still notable percentage of casual followers, ranging from 18% to 41%, enjoy seeing such content.

The key takeaway is that actively engaged followers crave fresh, humorous, and uplifting content that resonates with your brand or industry. They also appreciate brands embracing cultural moments that align with their business. 

Followers Becoming Buyers

According to the survey findings, a remarkable 70% of people who follow a brand on social media plan to make a purchase from them, with 59% having already done so.

Active shoppers place more importance on brands consistently posting and engaging with their audience, and discussing topics beyond promoting their products and services. Active shoppers are more likely to follow brands, and people who follow brands are likely to be active shoppers, creating a cycle. The report found that focusing on treating followers like a valuable customer segment, differentiating strategies between reaching new followers and engaging current followers, and not making demographic generalizations is key to building a following of active shoppers.

Applying These Takeaways To Affiliate Marketing

The insights from Hootsuite’s 2024 Social Media Consumer Report hold significance for brands’ affiliate marketing strategies. Understanding the behaviors and preferences of social media users helps optimize affiliate strategies to resonate with target audiences. Aligning content with what followers want to see, such as entertaining and culturally relevant material, can enhance the effectiveness of affiliate campaigns in driving conversions. Leveraging these findings empowers brands to build authentic connections with their audience, fostering trust and driving affiliate success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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