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November 7, 2020

10 Types of Affiliate Partners in Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to hiring affiliate partners in affiliate marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all model. Some companies work well with certain types of affiliates. Others are more flexible and can employ all sorts of advertising partners. If you’re unsure of where your business fits, you must learn about different kinds of affiliates. It’ll help you determine which partners would benefit your company the most without the risk of losing money. Here are ten types of advertising associates that you’ll most likely find in an affiliate agency.


1. Offline Promotions


Though the internet provides a plethora of sponsoring opportunities, you shouldn’t ignore other conventional methods. Having your business promoted by your local radio, newspaper, flyers, and much more can still yield some favorable results. You can advertise your website as well as any of your physical locations.  Not your standard affiliate partners but keep reading. 


2. Pay Per Call


This method is similar to pay-per-click, except it applies to phone numbers instead of links. Make sure the phone number you promote is trackable. It’ll help you determine the origins of your leads and conversions.


3. Coupon Affiliates


Of all available affiliate partners, these affiliates are the most sought-out. You can have affiliates promote your coupon codes through multiple means. There are also websites dedicated to providing their users with discounts or rewards for accepting sponsorships.


4. Email Marketing


Though texting and social networking are dominating electronic communication, emailing is still pretty popular. You can send newsletters, offers, and plenty of other content to potential and current consumers. The emails will directly contain your affiliate links. Though having those links embedded in blogs can attract potential consumers, it’s different when you’re sending that content straight to individuals. If they’re receiving your emails, it’s most likely because they deliberately signed up to obtain them. This type of affiliate marketing engages with an audience that’s already interested in a particular niche having to do with your products and services.


5. Review Sites


These websites tend to have content with titles that include the phrase “The Top” or “The Best.” They contain a list of the most competitive products and services on the market, like lawnmowers or business apps. You might feel unsure about comparing your company to your competitors, but these websites are good at making your corporation look more favorable than others.


6. Charities


You have a chance to sponsor your favorite charity while also getting some marketing out of it. Such non-profit organizations usually have only one company financing them. Luckily, there are plenty of reputable charities out there without benefactors that you can add to your affiliate management circle. Some companies out there establish their organizations, whether they’re to give back to the local community or help with a much bigger cause. You can probably set up a charity event in your place of business. Sponsoring an organization is an excellent first impression for potential consumers that donate to them.


7. Affiliate Datafeed


A data feed is a detailed list of products and services a merchant gives to an affiliate to display on their website prominently. They can manipulate the data in this catalog in various ways, including organizing items in terms of price or relevance to a website’s content. It’s more convenient for the consumer because they don’t have to sift through many goods on multiple websites.


8. Social Media Influencers


There are plenty of individuals who gain popularity online by appealing to a particular audience. From models to comedians, these people use their talents to build a large and loyal following. You can find them on many popular social media sites and apps. These programs can help you find well-known individuals in topical or niche groups. On Twitter, for example, you can explore popular users in categories like science, video games, music, and more with their “Topics” section. Social media publishers can promote your products and services, coupon codes, annual sales, and more through the posts they make on these programs.


9. PPC, or Pay-Per-Click


PPC affiliates can place links in or near their content. However, professionals have found a more effective way to utilize this model. They use tools from major search engines to lead branded searches to a merchant’s website. You might think that if a person looks for your company name and one of the products you sell online, it would automatically lead to your store’s page. That’s not always the case, though, because that search could yield results from review sites. Hiring these affiliate partners is essential to gaining an advantage over these and other blogging websites.


10. Mobile App Developers


As time goes on, more and more people will be using smartphones and mobile apps over computers and internet browsers. That’s why there is ample opportunity for marketing on phone applications. You can find developers that create software that’s unique to your niche market. For example, a metronome app can advertise the instruments or music books a business is selling. Companies can also advertise on general and popular apps because some developers are skilled at incorporating affiliate links.

Conclusion on Types of Affiliate Partners

There are many other affiliate types out there, but this list can help you start your search. Some of these advertisers appeal to certain crowds. Others can reach a more general group of individuals you can’t find through different forms of marketing. As long as you’re familiar with your target audience, you can narrow down your affiliate options to best suit your company. It’s significant to have many possibilities to increase your reach and your potential consumers. Once you’ve made your list, experiment with each so you can discover which affiliates benefit your business most.

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