How Can I Increase Affiliate Sales

Well, the first way to understand how they work.  Once you understand how affiliates drive traffic, it’s much easier to locate, approach and get them to “run your offer”.  In the business, we call an affiliate who is promoting your company, “running your offer.”  There are 3 ways affiliates will promote your business and drive traffic to your site.

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Coupon affiliates

Coupon affiliates, or ‘coupon pubs’ as they are referred to, are affiliates who own coupon related websites. These coupons sites, similar to, aggregate discount codes for a number of advertisers and list them for viewers to see. They will then promote the coupons by category and offer links directly to the online store for easy purchasing. When the customer checkouts out on the advertisers site, the affiliate will receive the appropriate commission.

Performance affiliates

Performance affiliates typically send pay per click (PPC) traffic to advertiser’s offers.  Using their own PPC accounts and expense, they will optimize PPC campaigns and scale traffic to advertiser offers in hopes their sales commission exceed the expense.  These affiliates are great resources to help you increase sales in a short amount of time in a controlled manner.

Lifestyle affiliates

Lifestyle affiliates typically have blog or content sites that correlate with your vertical.  They have cult followings that revisit their sites and blogs in search of scintillating content on the subject.  They also happen to promote certain advertisers that they feel their audience should know about.  The conversion rate on these affiliates is very high and are great brand representatives.

Each of these affiliates type have different conversion rates, traffic volume averages, and levels of quality. They are all important pieces to the large puzzle of affiliate management and scaling your online sales team. Learn more about affiliate management with Advertise Purple.


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