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Advertise Purple: the #1 affiliate management agency nation-wide

Affiliates do more than just drive traffic to your website, they serve as valuable ambassadors for your brand. At Advertise Purple, we’ve helped leading e-commerce companies expand their reach and drive traffic through our successful affiliate network.

In just six months, our clients see an average growth of 131% in affiliate sales. We accomplish this by connecting your website to the top advertisers in your niche. This creates valuable referrals that boost conversions and drive sales.

In under a decade, Advertise Purple has been recognized as the #1 affiliate management company nation-wide thanks to our proven results. Our team is dedicated to taking your company to the next level, by placing your brand under the eyes of consumers where it matters most.

Why choose outsourced affiliate program management?

In this age of social media and online influencers, what people are saying—or not saying—about your brand matters more than ever before.
Due to the current digital landscape, the reason to partner with an affiliate management company is clear:
It simply works.
Businesses that choose outsourced affiliate program management see a greater ROI than any other form of online marketing.
If you’re considering outsourced affiliate program management, read on for how Affiliate Purple can bring value to your brand.

Connect with the right affiliates

There are over 360,000 affiliates in today’s market—but only 8.5% of them are top affiliate partners. The remaining 92% of registered affiliates are either non-performing or fraudulent.
At Advertise Purple, we’ve carefully curated our network to weed out those non-performing agents. We only select brand ambassadors that we know will bring value to your business. This is why our network consists of 6,900 top affiliate partners.
Through our leading affiliate network, you can connect with the right advertisers to promote your company. This will ensure a greater number of clicks to your site, through referrals that matter to your customers.

Reach your niche audience

Connecting with the right affiliates is essential if you want to reach your niche audience. As stated above, affiliates can be much more than easy clicks to your site—they act as ambassadors for your brand. And choosing the right ambassadors can build a sense of trust between your company and potential clients.

At Advertise Purple, our elite network spans some of the top e-commerce categories. We are extremely selective with our partners to match your brand with quality publishers that can expand your global audience.

Our affiliate programs are uniquely catered to your niche, allowing you to connect with top advertisers in your industry. This creates the right level of buzz for your brand, exactly where it needs to be.

Advertising made easy

At Advertise Purple, we take the hassle out of affiliate marketing through complete account management and customer service.
From matching you with a successful affiliate to monitoring your programs around the clock, we ensure that you’re getting the greatest value out of your campaigns.
We work with highly advanced brand-monitoring technology to ensure full compliance with your search and display policies at all times. In addition, our transparent data makes it easy to measure your results and see how your managed affiliate programs are benefiting your brand.
We manage your program for you so that all you have to do is kick back and watch the clicks roll in.

Clear results

Circling back to why you should use outsourced affiliate program management, it simply works.
In under a decade, our talented team has established Advertise Purple as the nation’s leading affiliate management company, with case studies that speak to our expertise. We have a proven history of not only driving traffic to our client’s websites, but also helping companies reach record sales. This is due to our focus on matching your brand with the top performing advertisers that can tap into your niche.
In addition, our performance marketing billing approach keeps your out of pocket costs low to maximize your ROI.
To date, our team has driven over $22 million in affiliate revenue—and that’s just the beginning.

Start referring your brand by joining our exclusive network

At Advertise Purple, our affiliate agency has consistently risen to the forefront of the marketing industry. We are proud of our proven results over the last 9 years as we’ve helped leading e-commerce sites reach their target audience.
If you’re ready to earn valuable brand referrals and drive clicks to your website, free feel to contact us today by filling the form below! In return, you’ll receive a complimentary program analysis.


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