Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing

You want the highest traffic and the highest conversion rates at the lowest possible price, but how do you do that? By working with the top affiliate marketing managers in the business, of course!

Over the last decade, the affiliate managers at Advertise Purple have been building strong relationships with leading publishers and developing proven marketing strategies with one goal in mind – to make sure our clients succeed. We guarantee that the quality of our services can’t be beat. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it to you. 

What does an affiliate manager do?

You can increase traffic to your website by means of Paid search marketing. This is done by buying advertisements on search engines and is also termed as PPC or pay per click and CPC or cost per click. This type of marketing is so names as the search ads can usually be purchased on the basis of PPC or CPC.

The Methods and metrics of SEM can be divided into four major categories. These are the methods of optimizing your website with the help of SEM or Search Engine Marketing (10) (11) (12 (13)

Three important steps to be taken for research and analysis of keyword – firstly, it should be ensured that the search engine can index the website; secondly, the keywords should be selected in such a manner that they are relevant to the product as well as popular among users; thirdly, the keywords should be incorporated in the website in such a manner that the traffic towards the site can be generated and increased.

The popularity and saturation of a specific website can be gauged by knowing the number of pages that the search engine has indexed, also termed as saturation. This along with the number of back links of the website shows the presence of the website on the search engines and indicates its popularity. In order to increase saturation and popularity, the pages must contain the appropriate keywords in order to make sure that the pages appear in high ranking in search engine rankings. The ranking algorithms employed by search engines usually contain some type of link popularity. There are a few main tools that help measure the saturation and link popularity of the website. These are Top 10 Google Analysis and Lind Popularity along with Marketleap’s Link Popularity and Search Engine Saturation. (11)

With the help Back end tools, such as HTML validators and Web analytic tools, one can get data regarding the website, such as the number of visitors in order to measure the success rate of the site. Back end tools consist of the common traffic counters as well as tools that can be used with log files (10). Such tools can also be more sophisticated, related to page tagging. This is done by using JaveScript or some image on the web page in order to track the visitors and their actions. Information related to conversions can be obtained from such tools. EBSCO uses three main tools:

WebTrends from NetiQ is a log file analyzing tool

WebSideStory’s Hitbox is an analytic program that is tag based

TeaLeafRealiTea, which is a transaction based tool.

Certain aspects of the website that are invisible can be checked by means of Validators. The latter enable spotting of potential problems and those related to the usability of the site. It also ensures that the website standard is in accordance with the W3C code. It is advisable to use more than one spider simulator or HTML validator, as each of these are useful in highlighting and giving you reports on varied aspects of the site with their differing approach and tests.

With the help of Whois tools, you can know find out the details of the owners of other websites. This kind of information can be useful in case of problems related to copyright and use of trademark and so on. (12)


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