The Leading Affiliate Manager of Performance Driven Programs

You want the highest traffic and the highest conversion rates at the lowest possible price, but how do you do that? By working with the top affiliate marketing managers in the business, of course!

Over the last decade, the affiliate managers at Advertise Purple have been building strong relationships with leading publishers and developing proven marketing strategies with one goal in mind – to make sure our clients succeed. We guarantee that the quality of our services can’t be beaten. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it to you.

What does an Affiliate Manager Do?

A highly qualified affiliate manager will always be looking to expand your program in the most profitable way possible.  These tasks include recruiting new affiliates, negotiating and maintaining contracts and promotions, getting new promotions at the most profitable rate and finding creative ways to increase performance through this marketing channel.


Our Services

How can the right team of affiliate marketing managers help your business succeed in such a competitive digital environment? When you partner with Advertise Purple, we can do all the following and more for your business:

Connect you with the best producers: There are hundreds of thousands of affiliates in today’s marketplace, but only a small percentage are top performers that actually drivequality. Our team of affiliate managers works closely with the world’s top 6,100 content producers so that you’re always paired up with the right affiliate in your vertical.

Have our Affiliate Manager connect you with the best producers

Increase high-quality traffic: All affiliate marketing managers claim to increase traffic to your brand, but traffic without conversion that traffic is useless.Your affiliate manager will focus on driving high-quality traffic that has the highestpercent of converting prospects into customers. Through our seasoned partnerships with the most premier blogs and websites relevant to your industry, Advertise Purple targets the right people in the right places.

affiliate managers and so much more

Purchase ad placements on top consumer websites: With access to an exclusive ad inventory of top consumer sites, our media buying team chooses best-in-class ad placements that have statistically performed well for the highest return.

Connect you with the best producers

In-house affiliate testing: We stay on top of the latest trends in affiliate marketing by running our own campaigns and keeping track of new traffic sources, industry compliance, and landing page combinations. Our team of in-house affiliate testers will assess your offer to ensure that it will quickly become the top converting offer in your vertical.

Connect you with the best producers

Data-Driven Success

Any affiliate manager can claim to be the best, but few have the numbers to back it up – we do.

For starters, our average client sees 131% affiliate sales growth within the first 6 months alone, with some clients seeing sales growth as high as 242% in just over a year. Our services have generated more than $22 million in affiliate-driven revenue in just a nine-year period.

You can trust Advertise Purple because every single thing we do is backed by extensive market research and data. Withnearly a decade of media buying data to look back on, our affiliate marketing managers know the best media buying strategies to maximize your returns.

Data-Driven Success

Performance-Based Solutions

At Advertise Purple, our affiliate managers believe that you should only have to pay for what actually converts customers and increases your sales. That’s why all our services are billed on performance – you never waste a dime, and we stay focused on promoting your brand as effectively as possible.

Performance-Based Solutions

Compliant and Unique Affiliate Partners

When you partner with us, you can be sure that we only work with industry compliant, trustworthy, and unique affiliates. The growing popularity of affiliate marketing means that affiliate fraud has become all too common, which is why we do everything we can to prevent nefarious activity and protect your account.

Compliant and Unique Affiliate Partners

Trusted Technology

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. So how has Advertise Purple managed to keep up?

Our affiliate managers stay one step ahead by staying up to date on the latest technology and evolving according to industry trends.

  • With 24/7 brand monitoring, our affiliate marketing managers are able to keep our clients’ search and display policies enforced in all locations and on all platforms at all times.
  • Transparent data lets our clients keep track of everything, from sales to KPI’s to impressions generated.
  • With more than nine years of media buying dataand a dedicated team of data scientists keeping track of current data, our affiliate managers know how to formulate the best possible marketing strategy for your brand.

A Team of Expert Affiliate Managers

How did Advertise Purple become the #1 affiliate management agency? By having the #1 team of account managers, media buyers, and data scientists at the forefront of the digital marketing industry.

All our services are backed by our team’s commitment to providing top-of-the-line client support. Our affiliate marketing managerswill work with you one on one to find the best place for your unique offer and maximize your sales growth.

At the end of the day, our success is dependent on your success – we don’t grow if you don’t grow, so seeing your sales increase quickly will always be our top priority.

Contact Us Today

Because we’re so selective with our partners,if we can’t guarantee that a client will be the top advertiser in their vertical, we don’t take them on – it’s that simple. Are you the type of client that we can turn into an affiliate leader? There’s only one way to find out.

Don’t wait to break into one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels out there – contact us today at 424-272-7400 to speak with one of our expert affiliate marketing managers and see what Advertise Purple can do for your brand.



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